Thoughts of a Midnight Coffee

In moments we pause

Can you see me now? My creator?
Naked before the altar, barren in soul,
Forged from the highest star, I was sent to die,
An insect’s life upon a drop of water,
Reflected in my father,
I chose humanity, free I will stand with them,
Forgotten I may be,
I hear the moon in chilled tomorrow,
For hers was love, and heavens sorrow,
Time was his that she borrowed,
To sing the dark to life,
For all the strife I have caused,
Begging onto the forgotten frost,
In a time where mankind seeks you,
No wait! They even need you!
Forsaken in times of day,
Yours where kingdoms that should have stayed,
The good in being taken away,
I see your creation has cast my hell,
Under cloud, and over spell,
We march to our own cause,
Hallowed wind blowing in the evening air,
Reminding me you were here,
Forged in sun kissed fire,
The way that’s meant to be higher,
Taking mortal breath as you pass,
For my way breaks,
And your way lasts.

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